Discord top secret control panel. What is it? How to Use it

Discord top secret control panel

Discord top secret control panel:

Every Discord user is searching for Discord top secret control panel. The complete guide about it is below.

Discord is a very nice and convenient VoIP messenger for voice communication in games, which is currently the most advanced program in this niche. It provides the ability to create individual rooms, groups, etc. Supports Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and there is also a browser version, a Linux version is under development. You can download Discord completely free of charge from the official website. The program supports many languages, including Russian.

How to Access Discord top secret control panel:

To access the discord top secret control panel, Press the button in the form of three dots at the top right, and a menu will appear from which you can block the user.
The last stop on our tour of Discord settings is changing the friend request privileges. To find this menu, open “User Settings” and go to the “Privacy” tab:

All: Selecting “All” means that anyone who knows your Discord tag, or is on the same server as you, can send a friend request. If this option is enabled, the “Friends of Friends” and “Server Members” options will also be automatically enabled.

Discord top secret control panel
Discord top secret control panel

Friends of Friends: This means that whoever is trying to add you as a friend must have at least one friend in common with you. You can check this in your profile by clicking on the “Shared Friends” button next to the “Shared Servers” tab.

Server Members: A user who is on the same server with you can send a request to friends. Disabling this feature will mean that only those who have common friends with you can add you. So now discord top secret control panel is accessed.

Discord top secret control panel Features:

All the main Discord settings can be opened by clicking on the gear button located in the lower-left corner of the program next to the user’s Nickname. The username consists of Nick and a digital tag. This is similar to the principle used in Battle.net. To notify a specific user, you need to put an @ sign in the chat + the first couple of letters of the nickname and select this nickname from the list that the program prompts for the given letters.

You can also contact all users at once, for this you need to write @everyone in the chat, such construction will notify all users of this channel and they will certainly see your message as a pop-up message in the Windows tray (lower right corner next to the clock).

In addition to setting the sound level for each user separately, Discord has many other useful functions and tricks. One of these interesting tricks is changing the username for each server (this rule does not apply for private messages). This is very convenient because different games or different guilds may have completely different nicknames.

Discord top secret control panel has a widget that can be used to embed it on a site, it is enabled in the server settings. After installation on the site, the widget shows the server’s voice channels and a list of currently present users on the server. Here, in the settings, you can set up a channel for an express invitation to the server through a widget on the site.

There is a system of likes in the text chat of the program. Any user can emotionally react to any message from another user by clicking on “Add emoji to response” to the right of his message. In addition, you can upload your own sets of Emoji, you can upload your own sets of emoticons to your server, which all visitors to this server can use in their messages.

Discord top secret control panel has an Overlay feature that shows who is talking if you are playing in full screen. A very convenient function during the passage of any dungeon, and indeed when playing together with a large number of people, with not yet very familiar voices. In addition, by the different colors of the labels that are next to the nickname of each user on the server, you can understand whether the user is online, available, or moved away, or maybe he is streaming at the moment. Green – available, Yellow – moved away, Gray – offline, Blue – streaming, Red – blocked. Speaking of streams, there are special settings and a mode provided for streamers.

Discord top secret control panel
Discord top secret control panel

Another interesting feature of Discord is the integration with Steam, Skype, Twitch, and Youtube. If you link these services to your account, you will immediately see which of your friends entered Discord for the first time and add them as friends. Friends can be invited to all servers in which you are a member. It is somewhat similar to social networks and groups/pages in them.

In the client of the program, there is a function to determine what the user is playing at the moment and writes the name of the game next to his nickname. You can remove the function of displaying this status, or, on the contrary, show it. If the game is not on the list, which is determined by the program itself, then you can add it yourself. To do this, you need to start the game, and then in the Settings in the “Games” tab add it using the drop-down list under the Add game link. Sometimes games in this list have a name that is too long with unnecessary words and symbols, in which case it can be edited, but after the game is selected from the drop-down list and the “Add” button is pressed.

Discord top secret control panel Info.

The Discord top secret control panel information is listed below

  • The first part of the privacy settings in the Privacy Settings menu. Click the little arrow next to the server name and you will see this drop-down menu:
  • In addition to being able to change notification settings and the server itself, you can change privacy settings at the individual server level. The choice is quite simple:
  • Enabling/disabling this option allows you to block PM (Private Messages) from server users if they are not your friends. Usually being on the same server will automatically allow direct messages. This option allows you to filter out unwanted interlocutors.

How Discord differs from TeamSpeak, Mumble

There is a very good table showing the functionality of this program and the main differences between Discord and other VoiPs. Among other things, excellent sound quality and the ability to individually adjust the volume for each speaker are not indicated in comparison – this is how the problem is solved when a person’s microphone is set very loudly or, on the contrary, very quiet. This is a very useful feature for comfortable joint passage of the game. Discord has various subtle settings, for example, activating a conversation with a voice or assigning a special button – Push to Talk, adding other useful hotkeys, etc.

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Define Role in Discord Top Secret Control Panel

Discord’s permission system is based on the roles you assign to server members. Permissions/rights can be assigned both at the server level and at the channel level. They are then resolved by summing all permissions from all user roles. Channels can invalidate server permissions.


To start setting up permissions for your group, start by creating and assigning roles to each member.

You can create any role your group requires, for example, @ officer @ guest, etc. Multiple roles can be assigned to one member. Roles include name, permission set, and participant set.

To create, remove, or assign permissions to roles, select the Roles tab in the server settings menu.

  1. Click on the indicator attached to the server name.
  2. Click on “Server Settings”
  3. Click on “Roles”

When you first create a server, there is one ready-made role on it: @everyone (all). The @everyone role defines the permissions that are enabled for everyone on your server, even if they don’t have any other roles assigned to them.

To create a new role press “+”.

After you have created a role, you can assign server-wide permissions to that role by clicking the radio buttons.

Don’t forget to click “Save Changes”!


Once you have configured the permissions for the role, you can assign the role itself to individual members on your server.

To assign a role to members:

  1. Click on the “Members” check in the server contexts menu.
  2. Click the plus sign next to the member you want to assign a role to and select the one you want from the menu that appears.

This member now has the server-wide permissions that you assigned to this role.


  • You can assign permissions to specific channels (both text and voice) via the channel settings menu.
  • To access the channel settings menu, select the channel in which you want to change the settings and click on the gear icon.
  • To set permissions for roles or individual members on a given channel, click on the Permissions tab in the channel settings menu.

By default, @everyone has access to all channel features. You can approve or deny the permissions that everyone has by clicking on the checkmark or cross.

A green checkmark means the selected role has permission. In the image below, I’m allowing everyone to create invite links for the General channel to share with others.

You can add roles or specific people who can manage channel permissions by clicking on the “+”.

Once you’ve added a role or member, you can start assigning channel permissions to an entire group or a specific person.


There are two default states for channel categories that may or may not appear soon; synchronized and unsynchronized. The synced channel will have permissions that match the category exactly.

Category permissions can be changed by right-clicking on the category and click on “configure channel”.

Click on the “Permissions” tab to change permissions and add roles

If you do not sync permissions when moving a channel between categories, or if you change individual permissions at the channel level, a notification will be shown that the channel is not synced to the category.

This means that the feed does not currently have the same category permissions and will not automatically update when changes are made to the category permissions.

Want this channel to be categorized? Just go to the channel permissions menu and click the Sync button as shown in the image above and it will match the permissions of the channels in the category again!

One final note about category permissions – if you don’t want to use them at all, you can leave all channels in the category “unsynchronized” and manage them on an individual basis. Resolutions can also be charged separately for each channel.


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