3 Best ways How does discord make money

How does discord make money

What is Discord:

Discord us an online communication platform that allows gamers to arrange themselves in so-called servers. It is the name of the gaming software. But you can earn a huge income from it. The discord platform supports a communication system using text messages, voice notes, and live video calls. This application is available for Android, Computers, iPhone, Xbox, Mac, and Playstation, etc. But today you will get a detailed explanation about how does discord make money.

Little History:

Discord was founded in 2015 and built-in San Fransico. Discord quickly became popular in the most prominent chatting apps. It has millions of live users. It is based on 6.7 million servers.

how does discord make money:

Discord is free to use. It will require to signup to become a part of this application. Discord introduced a revenue model. It also introduces it’s so-called Nitro package in 2017. The company closes its store, in which there was a huge selling of Discord branded clothing. Discord earns revenue from three different sources. Still experimenting with various revenue models. Some of the earning models are listed below.

  • Game Sales.
  • Nitro.
  • Server Boosting.

Game Sales:

In 2018, Discord starts its store. It is a game store. Only Nitro subscribers can get access to Discord exclusive games, like Dead Cells. The store was going better and never went anywhere for 1 year. But After 1 year It was phased out. Then Discord quickly changes into a new model. And now it is in partnership with game developers who sells games on their servers.

To begin, servers of developers should be verified. After that Discord will promote that game on its platform. The easy way to understand it that Discord makes money whenever a game is sold. The company cuts 10 percent from each sale. If a game sells for $50, Discord will receive 50$.

How does discord make money

How much money does discord make on discord nitro:

Discord earns a good share of the earning from Discord Nitro. Its subscription costs 10$ per month or 100$ per year. Including this you can also buy discord features like sticker packs, emojis, skins, and music, etc.


Nitro is a premium package introduced by Discord. The starting package of Discord Nitro is $9.99 per month or 99.9$ per year. It also comes with the cheaper version which costs $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.

Best Premium Features:

  • Personal profile, with an avatar.
  • You can create your emojis.
  • Two servers boost and 30 percent discount.
  • You can upload files up to 100MB.
  • You can share the screen.
  • You can go live stream.
  • Get High-resolution videos.

The best feature is that Nitro is free to test for 30 days. It is the same as Netflix.

Server Boosting:

This feature allows a community to grow up the performance of the Discord Server. The server has three levels on which they can get boosted.

Level 1 :

  • 50+ emoji Slots.
  • 128 Kbps Audio Quality.
  • Go live streams boosted to 720P, 60FPS

level 2 :

  • Quality +50 Emoji Slots (for a total of 150 emojis)
  • 256 Kbps Audio
  • Go Live streams boosted to 1080P 60FPS

Nitro subscribers will get a 30 percent discount for boosting service. Level 1 is unlocked when more than one user pays the fee. Level 2 needs 15 boosts and level 3 needs 30 boosts. The premium functions use for everyone that is the main part of the server.

How much money does a discord worker make:

Now the main point all of you are thinking that how much money does a discord worker makes. I will show you the latest annual salaries at Discord. The annual salary is $131,679 or $63 per hour.

The highest-paid job at discord is a General Counsel at $305,359 annually and the very lowest paid job is an Admin assistant $45,659 annually. Discord opened the following departments in which you can work and earn money.
1. Engineering.
2. Design.
3. Data.
4. Exec
5. Finance.
6. People, Talent, and Vibe.
7. Legal.
8. Trust & Safety
9. Product.

These are some departments in which you can work and earn monthly by working on discord. These departments have some sub-departments. You can also work on them.

Discord Funding & Revenue:

Discord has gained a total of $379.3 million around eight rounds of capital funding. The latest announcement in 2020 was counted at $3.5 billion. It means a 70 percent increase from its 2.05$ billion reports.

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