Samsung Galaxy F Review and Specifications

Samsung Galaxy F Review and specifications

(Samsung Galaxy F Review)

Samsung Galaxy F release date:

On November 7, Samsung at a special event for developers SDC 2018 demonstrated a working prototype of the world’s first flexible smartphone, which has every chance of becoming a serial.

Google is actively involved in the development of the device and its software. They have already announced that Android in its next version will receive native support for flexible screens. This will happen in 2019, which indirectly indicates the release of the world’s first smartphone with a folding screen.

Prior to the presentation, Samsung Mobile Director Dong Jin Ko pointed out in an interview that the phone is not a one-time thing and can exist as a series of devices.

Earlier leaks stated that the company intends to release the device in early 2019. Older reports claimed the smartphone would target specific markets with a “wide commercial debut in the second half of 2019.”

And very early rumors said that the Samsung Galaxy F review will be shown in February 2019 at the Mobile World Congress 2019 technology conference. This should happen after the presentation of the “classic” flagship Galaxy S10.

As a reminder, the company first unveiled the foldable display concept at CES 2013 and allegedly showed its first flexible phone prototype in a private meeting at CES 2014.

Samsung Galaxy F Pricing:

Samsung may become the first manufacturer of smartphones with flexible screens and this will be reflected in the price of the device. Kim Jang-Yol, head of research center Golden Bridge Investment, said that the phone can cost up to $ 1,800 (about 121 thousand rubles), which is comparable to the cost of the maximum version of the iPhone XS Max.


In its financial report over the past year, Samsung made several references to flexible and foldable screens, discussing short to medium term advances in mobile technology. The company also announced its intention to “differentiate its smartphones using advanced technologies such as foldable OLED displays.”


The main technical feature of the smartphone, of course, is the brand new flexible OLED Infinity Flex Display.


The Infinity Flex can be folded vertically. This feature gives the user a device with a huge display that will fit in a pants pocket. When opened, the smartphone turns into a 7.3-inch gadget. Previously, tablets could boast of such a diagonal.


In addition to the Samsung Galaxy F Review display, the prototype is equipped with a conventional 4-inch screen located on the other side. In other words, a smaller display is used when folded, and a larger display when unfolded. Such a kind of reincarnation of two-screen clamshells from the “zero”. The Galaxy F prototype looks rather thick and, possibly, the device will “lose weight” by its presentation.

Samsung Galaxy F Review

The completely new form factor required Samsung engineers to implement a whole range of innovations. So, the usual display glass has been replaced by a completely new composite polymer, which is capable of being both flexible and rigid. In order to prevent breakage and degradation of the screen, a flexible adhesive was used to securely bond all the components together. This made it possible to lay a resource of several hundred thousand flexion-extension cycles.

The Galaxy F will also feature another novelty from the presentation – a new user interface One UI + developed in conjunction with Google. A feature of the shell will be the ability to fully work with it with one hand. To do this, all the applications and capabilities the user needs will be concentrated at the bottom of the screen. Another feature is the ability to simultaneously display three running applications on the big screen. The function is called Multi-Active Window.

There is no official information or leaks about other specifications of the Galaxy F yet. The flexible phone, however, has been linked to rumors that say Samsung is developing a gaming phone. So if the device is aimed at gamers, you can expect its specs to be on par with the 2019 flagship smartphones.

Interestingly, a Samsung patent published by LetsGoDigital states that the touchscreen will be compatible with the company’s S Pen stylus.


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