Who viewed my facebook? How to check it?


Who viewed my Facebook:

Who viewed my Facebook? How you know if anyone visits your Facebook profile. This is one of the most popular questions on the Internet about this social network. While it is very easy to look if somebody viewed your Facebook profile. Facebook does not provide such functionality. But is it?

There are dozens of apps and tricks on the web to find out who has visited your Facebook profile. They guarantee 100% results. You just need to install such an extension and give it access to your profile. However, does it work?

Can I see who viewed my Facebook:

Everybody wants to know who viewed my Facebook.  A group of journalists decided to find out this question and asked it directly to specialists working on Facebook. The answer was unambiguous and categorical: it is impossible to recognize the guests of your page on Facebook, this functionality was especially limited! All applications and programs that promise to do this contain viruses or are created in order to gain access to your personal data. They will never show information about who viewed my Facebook!

Commenting on this and other popular tricks today using the Chrome browser – the user is asked to look at the source code of the page and get a list of friends – Facebook said that it has nothing to do with the list of real visitors to the page.

Moreover, the administration of the social network also stated that in the near future it does not plan to introduce any functionality related to the possibility of the user receiving information about the guests of his account (personal page).

Can I See Who Viewed my Facebook

The social network Facebook is distinguished by a serious approach to protecting the information of its users. Therefore, there are no official applications and programs for this purpose. However, this social network has several indirect open sources of information, thanks to which you can easily find out about visitors to your page.

One cannot but agree, there are many reasons to find out such information. For example, a girl had a fight with a guy. He doesn’t write or call – what to do? Need to understand how he really relates to the current situation? Is there a chance to continue the relationship or not? The opportunity to find out who viewed my Facebook can help in this.

Well, or another situation. The girl wants to know if anyone likes her. This, too, can be found out only if you find out the list of guests on your page. How often this or that person drops in for a visit. For example, in the magazine ProfiComment, there was already an article on how to find out who came to a page on VKontakte. Many left positive feedback, thanks for the help, and also wished to help with the same question on Facebook, which we will now do.


Method number 1: see who visited the page on Facebook through the list of friends

In this case, you can find out who is following your Facebook profile through the friends’ section. How exactly can this be done? First of all, you need to click on the special friends’ icon to display a window with a hint:

  • After the window is highlighted, you need to click on the link “Find friends”. This page will tell us everything:
  • Now that you’ve moved to where you want to go, you’ll need to find a block called “You May Know Them”:

In order to find this block, you may have to scroll down the page a lot, as the blocks go in the following sequence:

  • Review friend requests
  • Consider friend requests
  • you may know them

Now that you’ve found this block with friends you may know, there is a little trick you should know. The fact is that the search on Facebook, the issuance of people, works according to a certain algorithm. Why do you think he shows people in a certain sequence? Do you think there is no order here, everything is chaotic? No, not at all!

On the “You May Know Them” list, those who viewed my Facebook are at the very top of the list. Most likely, this person visits you several times a day, or at least recently. The exact information on FaceBook is not known, but this is more than enough.

Think for yourself, why would Facebook show people you might know (in its opinion) if you don’t have mutual friends with them? It’s that simple! These people were interested in you, or are actively interested if you find them at the top of the list. Therefore, use this and the surest way to control who viewed my Facebook.

It is also recommended to check this section every day. In order for your control over visitors to be more effective, you can take a screenshot of this page every day. Then you will see who appeared on the list for the first time, who moved higher in the list, who dropped. Then you on your own, without any applications and programs, will be able to find out who actively logs in and views your Facebook page. By the way, with this article, they read how to make money on Facebook

But these are not all the ways that you can help expose your secret admirers or ill-wishers. Agree, a person can be watched not only by someone who has amorous interest but also by someone who dislikes a particular page owner? Therefore, in this case, to find out who logs into your profile is one of the ways to predict the enemy.

Method number 2: find out who visited the Facebook page through a search

This method can also help you identify who is following your Facebook profile. To do this, you need to refer to the search bar on this social network. Try to enter the first letter of the name of the person who may come to your page:

People who are interested in you also appear on this list. Surely before you thought that the appearance of clues with people in this search is in purely random order. However, in reality, this is not the case. Facebook takes into account certain indicators and thus gives suitable tips.

If everything were chaotic, then when searching for someone, the social network could show popular personalities, stars, popular groups. However, this does not happen. In the tips, people appear who may not even be known to you. And before, you never thought at all who is on this list.

But now know for sure! These are the ones who viewed my Facebook. And by the way, you can sort through all the letters in a row alphabetically and find out with a 100% guarantee of all, even people you don’t know who is interested in you. Surely they do not know about this method yet, so you can safely go to their pages and find out who it is. And then see how to make money on the Internet!

But don’t fall into the trap yourself! After all, there are ways to identify guests on a page through trap links. They can be attributed to 3 ways of identifying your visitors on the page.

Method number 3: how to find out who visited my Facebook page through a trap link

  • This method cannot be called the most effective, but there is also a sense of it. We will create a link trap using classmates. What’s the trick?
  • The fact is that many people have a profile on all social networks. And in classmates, just the same, there is an opportunity to see who comes to visit.

We put a tick “note in status” and share the record:

After that, you need to click on the word hello after publishing this note in order to copy the link to the post:

Now we have a link, but it doesn’t suit us, because you can immediately understand from it that it will lead to classmates. Google will help us get out of the situation. He has a convenient service for shortening and, at the same time, masking links. Although not only Google can shorten and mask links. There are many other services:

In order to get a disguised shortened link in classmates, you need to enter the link in the input field, as shown in the picture above, and click “shorten URL”: After that, a window will appear where you need to click on the copy icon of the received link:

Now heading back to Facebook. For a person to click on the link, he needs to offer something piquant, before which he cannot resist and will definitely click on the link, succumb to intrigue. If you are a girl, then you can use a trick with a record like: “Oh, I was walking down the street and my skirt fell off me”, Any man interested in you will certainly click on this.


Method number 4: watch guests on Facebook through a private profile

If you want to know exactly who viewed my Facebook, you can limit the range of persons for whom your profile will be available.

In addition, you can even hide your page from search so that you cannot be found. It is very convenient. For example, you want to create a new profile with your real name, but you don’t want old acquaintances to search for you and eventually find you. Therefore, you can completely hide from unnecessary eyes, remaining an active user of the social network.

What needs to be done for this? Everything is in your privacy settings. To get to the desired page and set everything up, you need to click on the small arrow in the upper right corner of your page and select the “Settings” section:

On the page that opens, you need to go to the “Confidentiality” sub-item:

Now you need to change several important features so that only friends can see your posts. And also so that no one can find your page in the search if you do not want it: To change the settings, to the right of the desired function, select the edit button, and select the one you need from the options provided:

By setting your privacy, you will surely know who sees your profile activity. This method is suitable for those who know exactly with whom they want to communicate and with whom they do not. At the initial stage, it filters people with whom I am ready to share my private information. Do you like to surprise with statuses? See the selection!

On the internet, of course, there are many more different ways to view your Facebook guests. However, some either don’t work or are questionable. For example, one of the ways that programmers are actively promoting on the Internet (in quotes) has a lot of negative reviews, but the authors of ProfiComment decided to tell about it too. By using the above methods you can know who viewed my Facebook.


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